In Action

As a teacher, you think about your students beyond the 8-5 hours. I see a book or a video and it makes me think of one of my students. I have a first grade team that enjoys talking kids and learning over lunch or coffee. We didn’t choose this teacher life for the supposed summers … Continue reading

Boost is the Word!

So yesterday was amazing! I actually saw my book and held it with my own hands! My principal saw me during lunch and casually mentioned that she wanted me to sign her copy. I was visibly surprised. I hadn’t seen it yet.  I mean, of course I’ve read it. I’ve read it many times. I’ve … Continue reading

Things are getting real!

As I sat down between laundry and dishes, I decided to catch up on what’s going on in the world. A little Facebook and then Twitter and then…okay, I’ll admit it…Candy Crush.  In the middle of this, I searched some book sites and I found something thrilling. At this moment, readers can order my book … Continue reading

I’m going to Copyright My Name

We went to our traditional New Year’s Eve dinner at our favorite restaurant. It’s a fancy place that requires a collared shirt and deep pockets.  As we talked about the highlights of the past year and considered goals for 2018, the topic of my book release came up. I explained that I was very proud … Continue reading

Book Release

It’s finally here!  I am very excited that my book will be available on January 16th.  I truly hope that this can be the book that helps families and children searching for answers. Hopefully this can be the book that helps educators better understand the twice-exceptional learners. Those learners that struggle and continue to be … Continue reading

Hello There

In the past, I was a consistent blogger. Consistently, I willingly shared my struggles and asked for guidance and support. This blog provided me both purpose and a shoulder to cry on during some of our hardest days. Generous readers shared their personal struggles and triumphs. We rooted for each other. We celebrated together.  In … Continue reading

Summer Break

When I was little, summer seemed to go on for eternity.  As a child of the 70s, the days were filled with playing outside with neighborhood kids. We drank from the hose, played kickball in the street, and ran away from home for hours to empty lots for “club members only” meetings. Good or bad, … Continue reading

Today is Saturday

It is Saturday morning and I am the only one awake at my house. I woke to thoughts of rearranging my classroom furniture, reading a stack of realistic fiction for report cards, and gearing up for a short vacation before I teach summer school in July. To many teachers, the idea of teaching summer school … Continue reading

Easterish Photos

I have to admit…I have a love/hate relationship with social media during the holidays. I see those pictures of toddlers wearing coordinated outfits and big smiles and I miss our younger days. I miss the wonder in his eyes as he sees his delivered by the bunny basket.  A sunny photo-op of my boy in an “outfit” … Continue reading