Hello There

In the past, I was a consistent blogger. Consistently, I willingly shared my struggles and asked for guidance and support. This blog provided me both purpose and a shoulder to cry on during some of our hardest days. Generous readers shared their personal struggles and triumphs.

We rooted for each other. We celebrated together. 

In the beginning, I was searching for answers. I did not understand why MyTBP was bright but floundering. I could not understand why my gifted child hated school, was diminished by school. How could be bullied by children and educators?

It took a lot of work and time and research to understand the truth. It took help that I received due to this blog and for that, I am grateful.

In addition to being a bit more enlightened, my days are different now. I am the “working parent.” The one who leaves the house to work instead of staying with MyTBP to work and learn. I educate other people’s children all day, everyday. 

Now, my son is older. He is introverted and private. I know he does not want to read his tween mishaps being shared with others. 

This causes a dilemma. 

My most active blogging days were filled with frustration and anger and now…I don’t want to be in that space. I do not want to abandon my blog but it will be more about educating others instead of the focus being on My TBP. 

These days when I am not in the classroom with my students, I am home with my family and dogs. We tend to be homebodies during the winter months.

Next month, my book will be published through Gifted Homeschoolers Forum Press. GHF has been a lifesaver! This book is something that I am very proud about and hope that others will find it valuable. I wished I would have read this book during the beginning days of my journey. 

I hope you will continue to read and enjoy my words. I hope you check out the book. I hope we continue to make things better for all those twice-baked potatoes out there!

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