Favorite GF Things

I am making my list and checking it twice!  Let me know if you think you have any gluten-free things that I should add!


10 thoughts on “Favorite GF Things

  1. Hi Kelly! Have you tried Pamela’s Gluten free Pancake and Baking Mix? It’s our absolute favorite! It makes delicious pancakes and amazing chocolate chip cookies. You can get it a PCC. 🙂

    I love reading your blog – you super mama, you!

    • Thanks for the reminder! We love that mix and we’ll now try it for cookies! So glad you like the blog…I really love doing it! Hope you continue to follow me and share it with others that might like it!

  2. PCC also has gluten free muffins that taste like the real thing. Zucchini is my favorite. . Have you tried Amy’s gluten free Mac and Cheese? It’s great too.

  3. Elana amsterdams blog and recipie books have been a life saver for us and our very picky gluten free son. The chocolate chip scones with almond flour are fantastic . She is also good about lowering the glycemic index. Which is a n issue for us as sugar highs and lows are a trigger for my sons meltdowns

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