Hello!  I know I have been a stranger for sometime. Now it is time that I turn away from other responsibilities and give this blog a bit of attention! Returning to my own classroom for the first time in a few years, took most of my attention. The first few months I stayed later and … Continue reading


This morning, I got up early. Even though it was a beautiful Sunday morning, I didn’t hate the idea of getting dressed and going to school. It was worth it to me so that I could feel better prepared tomorrow. The last few weeks have been filled with changes and challenges. At moments, I questioned my … Continue reading

Balancing Act

It’s been so long since I wrote a new post. It isn’t that I have forgotten about the value of the blog, it’s just been put on the shelf for a bit. Last spring, I packed up twenty-five years of teaching into cardboard boxes. Our building, the only building where I had taught elementary students, … Continue reading

Since Eleven

It’s been a few weeks since the arrival of eleven.  As expected, it brought excitement for one of us and mixed feelings for the other. I bet you know which is which. Eleven doesn’t seem much different from ten until I say it out loud…eleven. We have been very busy since eleven was traded for … Continue reading

Eleven. Sigh.

  I shouldn’t say he’s ten. Realistically, even calling him 10 1/2 is a stretch. In nine days, he’s 11. Sigh. Eleven. Eleven means sporting a faint mustache. Eleven means later nights and later morning get ups. Eleven means wanting highlights and having new interest in long bangs. Eleven means saying words that are meant … Continue reading

Rome Wasn’t Built In A Day…Right?!

“Rome wasn’t built in a day” Everyone knows this, right? Try and explain that to a 10, almost 11 yr old boy, who sees YouTube lighting up with exploding watermelons and laughing Chewbacca. My TBP has been working hard creating, editing & uploading YouTube videos. He takes it very seriously and constantly works to improve … Continue reading

Times Are A Changin’

L Ten days shy of two months will be myTBP’s eleventh birthday. While some particular days or weekends creep by, I can say that this is happening too fast. How can it be possible that he’s the same height as me? How can it be possible that he now gets up in the morning, brushes … Continue reading

Four Years Ago

Four years ago, I started my blog. It was born out of a desperate quest for answers and grew from my desire to connect, share, educate, and advocate. That first May, we had just learned about twice-exceptionality. We thought that knowledge would change how others viewed him. After all, it had given us new insight. … Continue reading

Tale of the 2e Book

Forgive me readers…it has been more than a few weeks since my last post. I was bogged down with quite a cough and I was burning the candle at both ends trying to finish my book. Yes, my book. Some of you may not have heard that I am writing a book for Gifted Homeschoolers … Continue reading

Music Appreciation

Every parent secretly hopes that their child will share an interest-my secret hope was 80s Rock. “Anus, who?! Are you frickin’ kidding me?!” I knew he heard me. He was sporting quite a grin. “No. Angus. Angus Young.” I had to smirk because back in the day, we might have said “anus” a few times … Continue reading