Times Are A Changin’

L Ten days shy of two months will be myTBP’s eleventh birthday. While some particular days or weekends creep by, I can say that this is happening too fast. How can it be possible that he’s the same height as me? How can it be possible that he now gets up in the morning, brushes … Continue reading

Four Years Ago

Four years ago, I started my blog. It was born out of a desperate quest for answers and grew from my desire to connect, share, educate, and advocate. That first May, we had just learned about twice-exceptionality. We thought that knowledge would change how others viewed him. After all, it had given us new insight. … Continue reading

Tale of the 2e Book

Forgive me readers…it has been more than a few weeks since my last post. I was bogged down with quite a cough and I was burning the candle at both ends trying to finish my book. Yes, my book. Some of you may not have heard that I am writing a book for Gifted Homeschoolers … Continue reading

Music Appreciation

Every parent secretly hopes that their child will share an interest-my secret hope was 80s Rock. “Anus, who?! Are you frickin’ kidding me?!” I knew he heard me. He was sporting quite a grin. “No. Angus. Angus Young.” I had to smirk because back in the day, we might have said “anus” a few times … Continue reading

Gray Hairs and Memories

While we waited in the car today, I was getting sentimental. “Do you remember when we went to Canada and we stayed in that beautiful hotel and went to the art museum?” “Noooo.” He says this slow and drawn out because as he’s answering me, my TBP is leaning close from the backseat, trying to pull … Continue reading

Shadows and ‘Staches

I have to admit, I was relieved when ol’ Puxatawney Phil reported that we were in for an early spring. I welcome more light to our days and feel it helps to get outside for breaks between our homeschooling lessons. The last two days have been beautiful, aligned with Phil’s prediction. Mid-high 50s and the presence … Continue reading

Shift in Thinking

A few weeks ago, I nervously shared my TBP’s experience with a private Minecraft modding class. Although the Internet was slow, the other participants were very new to modding, and the teachers didn’t allow any Minecraft play, we were somehow able to convince him to return. Apparently we weren’t the only ones upset with the … Continue reading

Can You Really Ruin Minecraft?

  A few months ago, we were super excited to learn about a new Minecraft modding class. Five sessions, close to home, with a maximum of ten kids and three classroom teachers-it sounded perfect. We jumped on it the first day of registration when My TBP showed enthusiasm. “Minecraft and modding?! Of course!” Secretly, I … Continue reading


I don’t know if it’s the same with other families, in other houses, but we’re still in the process of returning to normal. We haven’t completely returned to a full homeschooling day. Instead, we make progress toward more. We still find ourselves feeling the loss of Stella. We expect her in the kitchen and near … Continue reading

Sweet Stella

We couldn’t stand the loneliness after having to put our precious Schnauzer to sleep almost seventeen years ago. It was sudden and shocking and we were beside ourselves. We didn’t want to feel that emptiness one more day. Only days later, we met Stella. Stella was everything that our sweet senior Schnitzel wasn’t. She was … Continue reading