Shadows and ‘Staches


I have to admit, I was relieved when ol’ Puxatawney Phil reported that we were in for an early spring. I welcome more light to our days and feel it helps to get outside for breaks between our homeschooling lessons.

The last two days have been beautiful, aligned with Phil’s prediction. Mid-high 50s and the presence of sun have provided a great backdrop for the return of our neighborhood walks.

My TBP has decided that he wants to be the one to hold Sandy’s (new pup) leash. At the beginning of the walk, there are reminders about putting the leash through the handle and steering the pup with the other hand.

Soon the focus moves from Sandy’s cute, stiff legs that quickly glide across the sidewalk to other topics.

These walks are where he shares his ideas about Minecraft, modding, and his quest for more dogs. For the record, two dogs are plenty.

While my TBP was talking today about Sandy’s wirey coat and the white tufts above both of her feet, my son noticed something.

“Mama, look at our shadows!”

I knew he was going to notice how wide my shadow was compared to his and the puppy. I had seen it already and felt like a gollum.

“My shadow is almost as tall as yours!”

Oh my god! It was.

“No. It can’t be. You’re just a bit ahead of me.”

I knew it was just an illusion, a misperception.

“No, mama. If I move ahead, I’m taller than you. Look!”

He took one step and I instantly saw my near future. This couldn’t be.

“This is what my shadow will look like next year when my manstache has come in even more!”

He backed up and stood next to me and I was stunned. His shadowy head was lined up with mine. Maybe I was a smidge taller but not much.

I smiled, but it was filled with emotions about time soaring by. We walk by his old school and he says, “I love our walks together. I think homeschooling has been great for our family, don’t you?”

I had to agree. We walked quietly for a few minutes and felt the sun and the slight breeze.

I looked at him and saw a boy who felt confident, filled with pride about having the responsibility of holding the leash. He had more stamina with walking. He stood tall now that his days focused on his strengths and interests instead of holding him down by his struggles.

As these thoughts and feelings are my focus, he spoke about the next steps for his modding and the tests he needed to complete with his coding.

He caught me staring.

“I love these walks with you, mama. I will love them even when my shadow is much taller and I have to shave.”

Me too, kid.




12 thoughts on “Shadows and ‘Staches

  1. Awesome! I have been schooling my son since he could recognize shapes and letters, I am just now entering the stage where this will become official…He will be 7 mid July.
    We do everything together..
    Thank you for putting the feeling into words.

  2. So beautiful – I love this post. And it makes me nostalgic, too. My oldest is 6 and he’s growing so fast and so tall and… it breaks my heart and makes me catch my breath and I’m so proud of him all the same time.

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