Times Are A Changin’


Ten days shy of two months will be myTBP’s eleventh birthday.

While some particular days or weekends creep by, I can say that this is happening too fast.

How can it be possible that he’s the same height as me?

How can it be possible that he now gets up in the morning, brushes his teeth and gets dressed, and comes down with a smile and hello?

How can it be possible that he has more than just a faint moustache? It’s filling in and it seems completely bizarre to me because…

He still likes to hold my hand while we walk.

He still likes me to make up stories about him before bed.

He still needs to hear an endless supply of “I love you too” especially when he thinks I am irritated.

For the past two years, I have been the homeschooling mama. While there were challenging days (other homeschooling parents, I know you get it) I have loved this experience.

In August, I return to work full-time. While I am excited about the choice that we made, I admit that I will miss this time. We are lucky that homeschooling will continue and we already has some wonderful new experiences lined up for the fall.

After a bit of adjustment, I know we will all slip into our new roles and work well as a family. But it’s a change and change is hard for kids like mine…and people like me.

For now, I continue to enjoy this homeschooling adventure and to remind myself of that on the harder days.



8 thoughts on “Times Are A Changin’

  1. I hope you’ll keep writing about how you manage the transition. Change is so difficult, but I suspect you’ve got a very thorough plan.

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