Rome Wasn’t Built In A Day…Right?!



“Rome wasn’t built in a day”

Everyone knows this, right? Try and explain that to a 10, almost 11 yr old boy, who sees YouTube lighting up with exploding watermelons and laughing Chewbacca.

My TBP has been working hard creating, editing & uploading YouTube videos. He takes it very seriously and constantly works to improve his skills. He loves it and is proud of his work until…

He stops and thinks about his 8 subscribers, limited views & tiny thumbs ups.

My TBP doesn’t want to hear how hard others work and practice at their skills. He doesn’t want to hear about the probable years of work.

I shouldn’t be surprised. He has always been very hard on himself and expected perfection in a short (unreasonable) amount of time.

I try to understand. I try to explain, support, encourage, and bring him back to reality.

I guess I am asking for help. If you could/would subscribe to MyTBP’s YouTube channel it would mean a lot. Kind of like buying that lemonade from the kid down the street because you know it takes time to make the sign, set up the table, organize the cups & make the lemonade.

Your continued support means so much!


2 thoughts on “Rome Wasn’t Built In A Day…Right?!

  1. *Sigh* Unfortunately the social media world is so not a “Build it and they will come” situation anymore. It’s also about sharing, interacting, finding your audience and engaging with them and enticing them to come see what you’ve done. It’s a lot of work. 😛 That all being said, the perfectionism/expecting results quickly bit is something I totally, TOTALLY understand. It’s a bummer to have to unlearn that doing something well is not all it takes.

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