Since Eleven


It’s been a few weeks since the arrival of eleven.  As expected, it brought excitement for one of us and mixed feelings for the other. I bet you know which is which.

Eleven doesn’t seem much different from ten until I say it out loud…eleven.

We have been very busy since eleven was traded for ten. We continue to “do school” but it’s less than before. We read daily, include some sort of coding or animation, watch Crash Course and TED ED videos, and gain vocabulary and science knowledge.

Our days go quickly and it’s hard to believe that the arrival of eleven was already weeks ago.

Lately, we have been playing Pokemon Go. It gets him to move, be outside, forget the annoying bugs or tiny sticks that find their way into his sandals.

I have included a few pictures of MyTBP since eleven. Some are playing PokemonGo and others are playfully learning.

image image image image image

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