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Since Eleven

It’s been a few weeks since the arrival of eleven.  As expected, it brought excitement for one of us and mixed feelings for the other. I bet you know which is which. Eleven doesn’t seem much different from ten until I say it out loud…eleven. We have been very busy since eleven was traded for … Continue reading

Summer Limbo

When you’re a teacher, this time of year means your summer is almost over. Your mind shifts to classroom set up and furniture configuration. You focus on research and strategies instead of  beach reads and swimming. Some teachers I know, thought about school throughout the summer months. They search Pinterest for science notebooking ideas instead … Continue reading


It’s been almost a week since my mother’s accident. When we came in from the beach and all those messages came through our phone, everything else stopped. We didn’t know the details, the severity, the whole story of what happened. I think I’m glad about that. We wouldn’t have waited until it was light if … Continue reading

Slowly and Carefully

Last week was a crazy week. It was filled with gluten and sugar and record-breaking heat. It was wrapped up in birthday presents and race car birthday parties and more than usual video gaming. It was surrounded with friends and relatives and irregular schedules and way more “yes” than “no” and… And because of all … Continue reading

The Magical Fourth

Although I hate what it does to my dogs, there’s something magical about the Fourth of July. There was that year when we were new to the neighborhood and didn’t know that our front porch would be the best view to a fantastic show. I remember the 4th where I sat in the future nursery … Continue reading

Cautiously Optimistic

I thought long and hard before I hit “publish” on this one because typically, posts like this end up biting me in the behind! I’m crossing my fingers, knocking on wood, and throwing salt over my shoulder but the truth is…things are feeling good today. My son and I had a very grown up discussion … Continue reading

Dude? School in the Summer?!

For some time now, my son has enjoyed playing video games with internet friends. One particular friend usually comes on-line to play around 3:00 our time which is 6:00 his time. This week, we were surprised to see him online around 1:00 our time. When my son asked how he could be online, I heard … Continue reading

It’s Too Hot!

We just concluded our first hot weekend of the summer…well, not officially summer-but it had all the makings of a real summer weekend. Unlike many sun seekers, we avoid the sun when it gets past 78 degrees. Instead of heading to the river or the water park, we crank up our AC and stay inside, … Continue reading

Summer School

With Memorial Day Weekend just days away, families can see the end of school finish line in the not so far off distance. They are counting the number of “get ups” until they won’t have to wake early and immediately begin the morning dress, breakfast, run out the door race. They are celebrating the end … Continue reading

Can’t This Be A Stay Home Day?

If it was up to my son, we would rarely leave our house.  We might visit our neighborhood Starbucks, stop by the library, or walk around the block before ending up at the mailbox; however, additional destinations require prior planning and convincing. “Can’t this be a stay home day?” To be honest, I understand why he tries … Continue reading