The Magical Fourth

Although I hate what it does to my dogs, there’s something magical about the Fourth of July.

There was that year when we were new to the neighborhood and didn’t know that our front porch would be the best view to a fantastic show.

I remember the 4th where I sat in the future nursery and dreamt of “the call.” The very next day, we were notified that we had been picked.

I won’t forget The Fourth where we finally knew that he was ours. That was a wonderful one.

Memories of cousins using oversized wands to create giant bubbles while we waited for the sky to light up. Family bringing food and lawn chairs for the show.

This year, fireworks will light up the sky with a new meaning to Independence Day. Loving people are able to marry their beloved in Oregon, Pennsylvania, Florida, Texas and all corners of our country.

I expected that it might be a few more Fourths before the Supreme Court ruling, but I’m glad (especially for the youth that struggle) that it happened!

It’s hard to enjoy every bit of the holiday when even sound canceling headphones can’t take away the noise and the shaking of the house. The lack of sleep and “that” house that pushes the celebration too far; however, The Fourth comes with memories and the promise of more good ones!

Happy Independence Day!





6 thoughts on “The Magical Fourth

  1. I noticed that facet of the Fourth this year too. 🙂 We have two days left to go of school this year and I cancelled our usual plan yesterday to learn about the Supreme Court and then the ruling. I compared it to when blacks and whites weren’t allowed to marry. I told my son: “I want you to remember this. This is really important. Someday you will tell your kids, ‘You know, when I was little, gay and lesbian couples couldn’t get married and then it all changed.’ Your sister is too little to remember but you are big enough.”

  2. And happy early fourth to you! Have you considered thunder jackets for your pups? They’re supposed to help amazingly. I agree, it’d be nicer if everyone could be respectful about fireworks (we had a “that house”) last year, but at least there’s a few things out there to help with the situation!

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