Five Days Until Ten

It might be strange, but I refuse to say that my son is ten years old. He is nine; however, mathematically speaking…he’s probably 9.95.

What’s the big deal about ten?! It’s just another birthday, right?


It’s the first of the double digits for the rest of his life. He’ll never be one digit again.

I shouldn’t be surprised that I’m mourning the loss of nine. I mourned when we no longer shared his age in months. I guess It would be a bit odd to say that he’s almost 120 months.

I still remember a conversation that I had with my childhood friends about being the first to turn “double digits.” It must have been a significant conversation because I remember it decades later.

Today, I watched my TBP and tried to see signs of a drastic transformation. Besides eating more, I didn’t identify anything unusual but I do wonder if…

He’ll be taller or need new shoes?

Will he stop calling me Mama or let go of my hand?

Might he share less and keep more thoughts to himself?

I wish that I had the ability to manipulate time. I would slow down the next five days and savor the rest of nine.

7 thoughts on “Five Days Until Ten

  1. I’m going to miss “mama” too.

    I know having them grow up is part of the plan but I never expected it to be hard on me! 🙂 Congrats on the double digits!

  2. I know just what you mean. I grieved over every one of those milestones for the same reason. Always there was someone who would say “But you want them to grow up and be strong and independent. This is a good thing!” I always wanted to slap those people.

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