Cautiously Optimistic

I thought long and hard before I hit “publish” on this one because typically, posts like this end up biting me in the behind!

I’m crossing my fingers, knocking on wood, and throwing salt over my shoulder but the truth is…things are feeling good today.

My son and I had a very grown up discussion about math-not a favorite subject. I explained that he could work at his own pace to finish the last two units and the end of the year test.

If he worked daily for just a bit longer, he could likely have much of August off from math instruction. He seemed intrigued.

I didn’t point out that he will continue to do math with allowance, his savings account, time management, baking, and many of his strategy video games.

That’s my secret. Shhh!

After our math talk, we headed to the bookstore. In the past, a trip like this felt like torture-much like trying on clothes or shoe shopping.

Instead, I watched as my son browsed the bookshelves and selected four different titles. This made my teacher mama heart sing.

I’m not sure if this growth is because he’s only weeks away from his tenth (can’t believe I just wrote that!) or if we’re just in a temporary upward climb-but I’ll take it!

I’m cautiously optimistic.

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