Slowly and Carefully

Last week was a crazy week.

It was filled with gluten and sugar and record-breaking heat.

It was wrapped up in birthday presents and race car birthday parties and more than usual video gaming.

It was surrounded with friends and relatives and irregular schedules and way more “yes” than “no” and…

And because of all that and more, I’m a bit concerned about this week.

We still have homeschooling to do which is hard when there’s more heat and less sleep.

We are more prickly than normal from all the excitement of the birthday and the Fourth of July festivities.

We have one more math unit and the end of the year test and math is low on his list. When the thermometer reaches 95 degrees, it’s low on my list too.

Wednesday, is the first of four science classes that myTBP will take in July. I’m hoping that experience is a positive one.

It’s harder than we thought to homeschool (in the summer) when many others are playing. We’ve learned that our best learning is really between 9:30 and 2:00 right now.

I am going to carefully approach July 6th, slower and more delicately than most Mondays.

Wish me luck!



One thought on “Slowly and Carefully

  1. It IS difficult to homeschool through the summer. Even now as a teenager, my son does not want to accept that we do this because his “regular’ school year is much more relaxed than kids in traditional school and so there will be some schooling in the summer. It is one of those things that sounds better in theory 😉

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