Summer School

With Memorial Day Weekend just days away, families can see the end of school finish line in the not so far off distance.

They are counting the number of “get ups” until they won’t have to wake early and immediately begin the morning dress, breakfast, run out the door race.

They are celebrating the end of spelling words and math homework and creating dioramas.

They are holding their breath through the crazy end of the year time to emerge through the other side with promise of a different pace.

They are now saying “just a few more weeks” and then shortly after the last day of school, they begin to count the days until they get their house back.

As a teacher, I’ve heard all of this from families. As a homeschooling parent, these things don’t impact us.

Instead of winding down, we are gearing up for summer school.

Some homeschooling families work the school calendar. We don’t. We homeschool year round and typically everyday.

Right now, I’m looking at ways to increase interest and learning. I’m reflecting about the things that have worked so far and those things that need tweaking.

I hope that summer brings more opportunities to visit different places and adding those pins that mark our travels across our state.

I’m looking to switch more of the schedule responsibilities and accountability to my TBP. This will need to be a slow process, but future independence is necessary so we will practice.

Just as I do in the classroom, I will take time to evaluate our time and hope that he will participate in more of the design. I hear that other families have gotten there.

Happy Memorial Day!


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