While many families headed to campsites or mountain retreats, we decided to stay close to home this weekend.

We learned about the meaning  of Memorial Day and watched a documentary about the history of guns and their impact on various wars.

We researched the proper way to dispose of a tattered American flag and found that part of the flag code states that we should not use anything disposable (plates, napkins and other party wares) decorated with the flag. This was surprising to us.

We visited a local cemetery filled with flags and white crosses, honoring the veterans buried there. We read the dates and military service on many headstones. WW1, WW2, Korea and Vietnam were all represented.

We watched family members and loved ones arrange vases of flowers and brush grass away from the carved names and dates.

We found the name of a high school friend who had passed. It had been over twenty years since I last stood by his name.

We thought about our own loved ones who have passed and how we could honor them now.

Once home, we lightened the mood with grilled burgers and fries which definitely screamed Memorial Day!

I can say that Memorial Day weekend has been reflective and memorable.  How did you celebrate the holiday weekend?

2 thoughts on “Memorable

  1. We attend our local sci-fi/fantasy convention almost every year, which is always held on Memorial Day weekend. On the last day, the closing ceremonies devote a portion of the hour (or two) to recognizing our veterans (we have a number that attend) and a moment of silence for those who have fallen or passed. Memorial Day proper (other than the closing ceremonies) are typically pretty quiet for us, winding down after a long weekend, It sounds like yours was filled with a great deal of reflection!

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