Mother’s Day Monday

So for all the mothers out there, I hope yesterday (Mother’s Day) was just what you wanted. After reviewing Facebook and Twitter, it seemed like a fantastic day of brunches, hikes, wine, gardening…whatever the honorary lady desired.

In our own house, there was an abundance of cooperation and quick responses to our requests. Lots of “I love you” and “You’re the best Mom in the world” talk.

It was nice.

I don’t want to sound unappreciative, but…Wowza! What a difference a day makes!

Mother’s Day Monday is a quick trip back to reality. Yesterday’s requests that were met with smiles are now being debated or put off.  “I will!” Or “Come on!” have returned to our home.

I’m not sure if it’s the exhaustion that comes from all that kindness or it’s the extra sugar from the dessert because today, it’s the opposite of yesterday.

As I write this , I’m considering the possibility that this isn’t a universal truth. Maybe Mother’s Day Monday only happens in my house, but I doubt it.

I adore my son and being a mama to him is the best thing that I’ve ever done without a doubt but…I think all the love and appreciation and helpfulness should stick around a bit longer.

Last night, I was thinking that maybe Mother’s Day should be a long weekend instead of just one day, like Memorial Weekend.

After thinking about it a little longer, i realized that it can’t be longer. I’m not sure that the rest of the families out there, could handle letting Mom take it easy for more than one day!

That’s the real truth!

So now I ask you…how is your Mother’s Day Monday? A continuation of the love or a slippery slide back to reality?


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