It’s Too Hot!

We just concluded our first hot weekend of the summer…well, not officially summer-but it had all the makings of a real summer weekend.

Unlike many sun seekers, we avoid the sun when it gets past 78 degrees. Instead of heading to the river or the water park, we crank up our AC and stay inside, behind closed blinds. We read or watch movies and of course, we play video games. We wait to go out until there is some sort of breeze because the heat zaps our energy and often, our patience. We know that about us.

This could be why my son looks like he should be in the Twilight movies. He’s pale. We’re all pale. The three of us.

We anxiously watched the weather report and was thrilled by the promise of temperatures dropping by 10 degrees.

Secretly, I would like the summer temps to hover around 70 until the first day of school.

There has been a constant hum of fans throughout our house. I think that adds to the irritation from the heat-noise pollution.

Despite the heat, we were fairly productive. We planted our garden, finished a math unit and took the unit test, watched time lapsed movies about various plants growing, learned about JFK’s assassination, and read about the use of various maps.

We also took a quick trip to a local neighborhood and lake that we hadn’t visited before. We watched bald Eagles fly above us as they scoured the lake for lunch.

We didn’t stay long though, too hot.

How does your family feel about the hot temps?




6 thoughts on “It’s Too Hot!

  1. We’re sort of in-between… I’m a lizard and love heat, until it gets into the high nineties and then I’m miserable. I find that I spend too much time inside doing chores when it’s hot, and then I feel like I’m heat blasted when I finally do make it outside! If I’m outside all day from the get go, I adapt and it’s not so bad. 🙂

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