Reflection of a Homeschooler

As the school year ends for most families, I see more and more homeschooling families sharing what they plan to add or change for their next year’s work.

Several said that they reflected with their children about the good, the bad & the boring so they could make improvements and raise the interest level in what they were learning.

So I tried to have a similar conversation with my son to be ten-year old son.

“What do you like about homeschooling?”

-Being with you

-Not having to eat breakfast right away

-Having lots of time on my


“What would you like to add or change?”

-I don’t want to do work that is boring or too hard or too long

-Can you play more with me?

“Is there anything that you miss about school?”


“Are you sure?”

-Yes! I hated it there

“I’m sorry about that.”

-Don’t be…it’s not your fault and you loved me enough to let me stop

Although this conversation didn’t give me exactly what I was looking for such as interests or questions or concepts that he would like to learn, it did tell me a lot.

It told me that we’re doing the right thing. It told me that he feels valued and knows that we’re on his side.

When I consider how much he gets done each day, every day of the week usually, I know that he is learning far more now in a far less painful way.

Personally, I am reflecting about the most valuable lessons for my son. Those lessons that will be powerful to him as an employee, an adult and a man.

Much of what many label as important for kids to learn, will be archaic when they are going to college, developing skills in a trade, or competing for jobs.

Honestly, the world around us is changing so quickly, how can anyone predict if cursive will even be used or if current computers will be as outdated as the record player.

Wait…you don’t know what a record player is?? I guess I’m showing my age.

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