Hello!  I know I have been a stranger for sometime. Now it is time that I turn away from other responsibilities and give this blog a bit of attention!

Returning to my own classroom for the first time in a few years, took most of my attention. The first few months I stayed later and worked weekends in an effort to get my head above water.

Just when I was starting to feel confident, it was report cards and conferences. While I don’t particularly enjoy the time that report cards take to complete, I do enjoy conferences.

When conferences are done well, they are respectful and productive conversations about young learners. Parents appreciated my insights and suggestions for continued growth and I always benefit by learning more about my students.

Conferences were finished the first week of December and then it was time to meet the holidays head on.

Now it is time to put the holiday decorations away and be ready for 2017.

Over the last couple of months, my son has adjusted to my return to the classroom. He has attended new classes ( DNA and stop animation) and pushed himself through uncomfortable social and learning opportunities.

I miss being home with him. I miss the walks and the conversations that we had throughout the day but this shift has been good for him, good for my family.

I have learned a lot about myself and teaching with my return to the classroom. I have a great group of students with a wide range of interests, skills & learning styles.

I have a great team. We support each other and learn from each other. Our newest member is a first year teacher. We are quite smitten with him. It’s inspiring to work with a brand new educator. One who hasn’t been burned by policies and restrictions. He sees only possibilities.

My writing  has been pushed to the side for several weeks, months actually, for family responsibilities. But even that seems to be changing for the better now.

I just completed and sent my latest revisions for my nonfiction book. It took longer than I initially expected, but I was determined to send it before Christmas. Made it, but just barely.

For the rest of my winter break I hope to find balance. Organize, clean, write, and relax with family are at the top of my list.

My intent is that my next update will be sooner than later. For now, I will continue to enjoy holiday lights and cookies for a few more days!



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