School Vacation 2.0

In my world, we are right in the middle of spring vacation. To me, this break is much-needed. That cracked tooth was overdue for repair and I craved a few days without waking to the persistent 6 am alarm.

My son likes me home for vacation. We play computers and talk more than usual. MyTBP knows that his schedule is also shifted-he gets a more relaxed week, but the meaning of school vacation is very different for him now.

Before we jumped in to homeschooling, we got two or three good days of relaxation before the anxiety and worries resurfaced.

Although it has been three years since we left traditional school, these memories are still vivid. It was painful to watch and it caused stress on the whole family.

Any homeschooling family will admit that it isn’t easy all the time. It takes time, planning & research. In our case, our family income was also cut in half which can be hard.

Despite the struggles, homeschooling has been the right decision for us.

Every once in a while, I ask MyTBP if he misses school. I want him to know that we are not anti-school.

He looks at me as if I have three heads and assures me that he doesn’t miss it.

Not at all.

He tells me all the things he doesn’t miss: recess, music, PE, lunchroom, homework, the bathrooms, etc.

I love the opportunity to be home with my family during this school vacation. I especially love spring vacations now. I’m okay with returning to school next Monday. I’m glad that he doesn’t have to worry about that.




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