Not Again

This week has been emotional. I have watched politicians give lip service to grieving parents. I have seen our so-called president propose that teachers should now carry guns.

As if our job isn’t already overwhelming enough?!

Will this be yet another reason why families choose homeschooling? Will this be another reason why smart people avoid a career in teaching?

I have seen teenagers, who watched their classmates die, stand up to be heard only to be patronized and smeared by trolls.

The biggest troll being the son of our president.

I watched the spokeswoman for the NRA try to shift blame without taking any responsibility.

The talk coming out of our White House after the most recent school shooting is yet another example of greed, power and NRA blood money.

I thought that the shooting of primary students at Sandy Hook was horrifying and despicable and would cause change.

It didn’t.

But after watching last night’s CNN Town Hall, I do think there will be a change. These students will not let anyone forget. They will be voters and they are demanding change.

I look forward to their powerful voices. Their determination. Their persistence.

This will make me proud to be an educator of future voters.

Call your legislators. Educate yourself. Advocate for our children. Fight!

4 thoughts on “Not Again

  1. Thanks for posting this, we all need to speak up to help change. I watched a PBS show last night which talked about the horrible school shooting in UK in the 90s and how they changed the gun laws afterwards and guess what no more school shootings. When teachers have to carry guns it will be a very sad day for this country.

    • He talks about arming the best. I have more seniority than any other teacher in my building. Does that make me the best? I have excellent evaluations and all my students make gains. Does that make me the best? I’m on the leadership team and I mentor young teachers. Does that make me the best?
      I sure as hell hope not!

  2. I agree – it’s these brilliant, brave, and LOUD (in a good way) kids who are making a difference. Though I’ve been in tears on and off all week, watching them, I couldn’t be more thrilled for the way they’re taking charge of what has been such an ugly, dead end, non-conversation.

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