Update. I know it is about time!

Yes, I know. It has been too long since sharing my last post.

I try to keep my promise and stay in touch, but before I know it, days quickly turn into weeks and those weeks add up to months

Parenting an often moody tween with raging hormones and working full time in my classroom takes most of my time.

I need to quiet my brain from all of the news that worries me about our country and it’s relationships with allies and our tarnished reputation.

I get bogged down by tweeting and protecting my information on Facebook and learning Instagram. It’s a lot. I know many of you agree!

What else has been going on? What is really good?

Well…It has been a few months since my book was released.

My book. Sigh.

It is still cool to say that out loud. It makes me smile. There were late nights when I wasn’t sure if it would happen. I am proud of the book. My favorite messages have been about Boost and the good that it is doing.

I have great reviews on Amazon. I must admit I reread those supportive words sometimes. It makes it seem real. I am so appreciative that people took their time to write their thoughts and share with others.

I saw my book in a real bookstore. That was a thrill!

On harder teaching days, the words in my book help. Currently, I have a particular student who needs many of the strategies. Fascinate, Accelerate and Appreciate have made a difference in our relationship and therefore, his days are more successful.

His mother tells me how happy she is when she sees her child feeling good at the end of a long day. I understand!

The Boost strategy Appreciate works usually; however, I am not going to lie, it can be hard to remember it’s importance when MyTBP rolls his eyes for the fifth time.

My book is helping and educating and I am proud of that. My most successful days at home or in the classroom, are largely due to this shift in my thinking. The strategies put into action. Authoritarian thinking didn’t work…still doesn’t work.

So…if you need help or you know a parent or educator who needs more tools, check out my book. Check out the reviews if you need a bit of convincing.

When you are done reading it, please let me know your thoughts. Thank you!

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