Sunday Morning

While I sit here on a quiet Sunday morning drinking my coffee, my mind is buzzing. Sunday mornings are supposed to be free of that startling alarm, sweat pants, and couch time with my fur babies.

This morning, all of this is true but I am simultaneously thinking about my busy time of year at work, how to spend today with MyTBP, and yesterday’s SENG mini conference in Seattle.

May is when you might expect a teacher’s job to be winding down; however, this is one of our busy seasons. May is filled with required testing & end of the year assessments. There’s report cards and placement information for next year. There’s inventory and creating the big “to do before June 20” list. There’s meetings, meetings & more meetings.

At home, MyTBP is growing and maturing. His preference is still time in front of his computer, but we gently push him to walk away and take more risks. He’s back to playing the piano after a long break and he’s gaining life skills.

The weekends are time for me to connect more with him. It sometimes requires nagging to get the hugs I used to take for granted. I now have to stand on my tip toes for the best hugs.

Most of my attention this morning is still reliving and processing yesterday’s learning.

Months ago, I signed up to attend SENG’s mini conference in Seattle. I knew that I wanted to go after I saw the line up of speakers. I had to be there as an educator and a parent of a very special 2e boy.

I asked my friend/teacher colleague/ mentee if he wanted to go. I knew he’d be inspired.

We set our alarms and got up early. That’s hard to do on a Saturday. As we drove into the city, I quietly hoped it would be really worth it.

Oh boy, was it ever!

I listened and I shook my head when I heard things that resonated with me. I felt like I was surrounded by my people. These people knew what exceptionality meant. Asynchronous development, sensory processing, and antiquated ideas and misconceptions about gifted were discussed.

I knew some about the topics, but I learned so many new things too! I got to talk to other attendees and I stretched myself by introducing myself to speakers.

I even thought that maybe, just maybe, I could present someday. I think the parents who attend these type of conferences need to hear a teachers’ point of view and I think teachers need to fully understand the worry that goes into being a parent of “one of those” kids. I get it. I am both.

I told people about my work, experiences and my book. It was great to share my book.

I believe that I will return to my classroom tomorrow as a better educated educator. I know that I came home yesterday a far more knowledgeable parent.

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