In Action

As a teacher, you think about your students beyond the 8-5 hours. I see a book or a video and it makes me think of one of my students. I have a first grade team that enjoys talking kids and learning over lunch or coffee.

We didn’t choose this teacher life for the supposed summers off.

Now that my book is done and out there, I find myself reading it with fresh eyes. I consider particular students while I read and highlight pages.

I used one of my own suggestions on Friday while a student ( not in my own class) seemed to be struggling in the hallway. His face showed stress while he clutched one of the many books from the Diary of a Wimpy Kid series.

“Hey-I love that one! Have you read any of the others?”

I was met with a confused look.

“I love the drawings throughout. Do you?”

Without looking at me in the eyes, he responded. “I guess.” Although he didn’t say much, his body was calmer and he was now sitting instead of pacing.

I smiled. “If you ever want any other book suggestions, I have tons of ideas.”

I think it helped. I wanted it to help.

I can use the Boost strategy “fascinate” more effectively when they’re my own. Students or MyTBP.

Maybe this was a start.

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