I’m going to Copyright My Name

We went to our traditional New Year’s Eve dinner at our favorite restaurant. It’s a fancy place that requires a collared shirt and deep pockets. 

As we talked about the highlights of the past year and considered goals for 2018, the topic of my book release came up.

I explained that I was very proud of the book and it was a long time in the making. We’ve been talking about working through challenges and building up perseverance.

Sometimes it’s hard to keep going when work isn’t easy.  

“Is your book all about me? All about your twice baked potato?” He gave me a half smile, paused and then added, “I’m going to copyright my name.”

I knew why he said this. I explained that I wasn’t going to write only about him. That his stories are his to tell or to keep. I told him that I was going to focus on helping other twice-exceptional students. I explained that I wanted to teach other educators about 2e kids. 

I shared that I have other writing goals. I think he needs to know that moms have goals too.

Before long, we were back to our delicious dinner and the views, but I thought about his words. His copyright comment was confirmation that I had made the right decision. Expand my blog posts beyond my own home. 

I’m excited about my book. I’m proud of it. I hope it’s the book that I was looking for when we were struggling. 

I want to thank GHF Press for allowing me this amazing opportunity!

Happy Reading!

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