Things are getting real!

As I sat down between laundry and dishes, I decided to catch up on what’s going on in the world. A little Facebook and then Twitter and then…okay, I’ll admit it…Candy Crush. 

In the middle of this, I searched some book sites and I found something thrilling. At this moment, readers can order my book on the Barnes and Noble site. The book. The real book that can be held in your hands is there.


For experienced writers, seeing your blood, sweat & tears come to life probably still makes the little hairs on arms stand at attention; however, for a debut author like me…it’s amazing.

When I started this book over 2 1/2 years ago, I was so excited about the opportunity. The opportunity to write the book that I could have really used myself!

Now it’s real.

I can’t wait for readers to tell me what they think. I hope families find it helpful. I hope teachers find it educational. 

So here it is…you can currently preorder the Kindle version at Amazon and now you can order a paperback copy through Barnes and Noble on line. Maybe if enough people walk into a B&N it would make it to the shelves. Cool.

I’m super excited-can you tell?!

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