Today is Saturday

It is Saturday morning and I am the only one awake at my house. I woke to thoughts of rearranging my classroom furniture, reading a stack of realistic fiction for report cards, and gearing up for a short vacation before I teach summer school in July.

To many teachers, the idea of teaching summer school is unappealing. Although I have never embarked on this adventure, I think that it will match my family’s current needs. The extra bit of money will help and I’m hoping it will be easier for myTBP to continue school without all of us home during the day.

Yes. We plan to continue homeschooling for a few more months. We will release some of the academics (math and weekly tech class) but we’ll continue reading, thinking skills, and some science and current events.

The more relaxed approach allows us to increase attention to life skills and take trips with an educational spin. It also allows us to move at a more comfortable pace throughout the year instead of cramming it all into a traditional school calendar. 

I am nearly finished with my classroom teaching job. It was the first time returning full time since our homeschooling experience began.

Although I missed many things about being the homeschooling parent, I have enjoyed my return to the brick and mortar school that I have called home for more than two decades. 

I think about learning differently now. I appreciate different strengths and approaches more than ever. I understand teaching with a new perspective.

Being both a homeschooling family and a public school teacher gives me unique insight which has made me a better teacher and parent. I hope that I’ve been able to also influence colleagues about why families turn to homeschooling when they feel the traditional school has failed them.

Today is Saturday and while I am still a teacher with a long list of things to do. I will first enjoy some quiet and coffee before tackling grading writing and starting report cards.

Enjoy your Saturday😀

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