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The Learning

When I started this site in 2012, I was looking for answers about twice-exceptional children. As with any persistent (a nicer adjective than stubborn) learner, I found that my answers resulted in more questions. The part that I didn’t understand until recently, was that writing about my search was simultaneously helping other families. It has … Continue reading

Stages of The Grief

The emotions that I feel about my son’s horrendous year continues to hit me in waves. I know it sounds a bit over dramatic to onlookers, but it feels very much like a journey through the different stages of grief. I guess I am mourning what school was supposed to be, what it should have been. … Continue reading


I have decided that I am completely tired of myself. I am tired of focusing on the struggles.  I am tired of focusing on other people’s ineffectiveness.  I am tired of the stress, anxiety and worry. I am tired. So, I have decided that for today…I will think about the good and the positives. I … Continue reading

Finish Line?

After a long wait, I finally start my adjusted work schedule this week.  This change is an attempt to better balance my professional desires with my family’s needs. I am both excited and nervous.  I know that I need to focus on having a positive outlook, but I am worried that if this shift in … Continue reading

Change is Gonna Come!

Many of you know about the struggles that we are having with my son’s school. Let me be clear, the staff at his school are not bad people. “Bad people” don’t dedicate their lives to helping kids. They are probably really good with the majority of kids, the typical kids.  I imagine, that they are … Continue reading

I Think My Son’s A Jedi Knight

We are big fans of Star Wars.  We used to have long discussions about which Episode was our favorite. After many debates, we decided that Episode 3 was truly the best. That was the one that showed the transformation from Anakin to Darth Vader. My TBP used to share Star Wars facts so often, that … Continue reading

Time According to My TBP

On December 22nd it started. It was the first official day of vacation and my son was already worried about his return to school.  We counted the days together and he was satisfied that we would have a long break together.  His demeanor relaxed when he realized that it would be weeks before he must … Continue reading

Way Too Much!

The build up!  The count down! I can’t wait!  It is going to be awesome! We knew that we had the perfect surprise gift for him.  We knew that he would love the extra-large monitor for his computer!  We couldn’t wait to see his face! He talked about the Nerf gun fight that we would … Continue reading

Those Conversations

Many of you know that I had a meeting with my son’s school on Friday.  Actually, not the educators at the building level, but at The District’s administration level. I dreaded the meeting and welcomed it at the same time. Earlier in the week, I was determined to gather all of my ammunition.  I was … Continue reading

Conferences-Both Ends of the Spectrum

My son’s third grade conference is scheduled for Monday. We are never sure what we will hear when we walk in and sit in those little chairs.  As parents, we have truly had conference experiences at both ends of the spectrum. First grade was a nightmare!  That year, the teacher seemed determined to prove that my … Continue reading