The Learning

When I started this site in 2012, I was looking for answers about twice-exceptional children. As with any persistent (a nicer adjective than stubborn) learner, I found that my answers resulted in more questions.

The part that I didn’t understand until recently, was that writing about my search was simultaneously helping other families. It has been a rewarding part of blogging to receive emails and comments from those parents.

Like me, they want to know what is working for other twice-exceptional kids and situations to avoid if possible.

As a teacher, I promote life-long learning. I talk about it without giving much thought to what that means.

I get it now.

The Universe has a way of reminding me of the lessons that I need to learn. Trust me, there is a lot of learning that happens when you have a kid like mine.

As a fairly new homeschooling mama, I am learning. There are a few thing that I know now, that I had to discover for myself.

I guess they are my absolutes that have been proven over this short but powerful learning experience.

I know that homeschooling isn’t replicating school at home.

I know that all families don’t do homeschooling the same way.

I know that for my kid, we can learn, research and “do school” in far less time and get better results.

I know that homeschooling doesn’t erase all the struggles.

Today, I was reminded of another homeschooling absolute. An “ah ha” moment if you will. Homeschooling is not a steady climb upward.

Instead of a hiker with plans, a map, appropriate gear, and training needed to reach the summit; homeschooling is more like a boating trip.

Sometimes your journey is calm, peaceful, and relaxing. You have time to enjoy the view.

Other days, the excursion feels like your traveling through rough waters and there is more energy required to stay afloat.

You know that saying, “up a creek without a paddle…” I’m pretty sure a homeschooling parent came up with that.

Two or three days of calm, even waters does not mean calm waters for today; I was reminded of this when our ship left dock this morning.

Luckily, I had the patience and training necessary to change our scheduled course. This was good and resulted in a pleasant and productive day instead of being shipwrecked during a three-hour tour.

If I’m being honest, some of my most challenging parenting days were the result of  me, taking my son head first into a storm. Unwilling to change course, no matter what, unable to slow down and listen to my fellow passenger.

Today, our little boat of learning and time together, stayed afloat. I am glad for that.














4 thoughts on “The Learning

  1. I’m glad that your learning boat stayed afloat and admire you so much for homeschooliing. I’m not sure that I have the self discipline or patience to do so myself… but I wish I did.

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