Those Conversations

Many of you know that I had a meeting with my son’s school on Friday.  Actually, not the educators at the building level, but at The District’s administration level.

I dreaded the meeting and welcomed it at the same time.

Earlier in the week, I was determined to gather all of my ammunition.  I was focused.

As the meeting time crept closer, I realized that I needed a shift in thinking.  Instead of sitting at that table with my impressive pile of evidence, I would take only a few emails and walk in with an open mind.  I had met with this administrator two years ago and she was focused to solve problems.  I wanted her to know that was my intent.

No threats.  Just solutions.

Because our intention was to work together, the time spent was productive.  Her primary role was to protect and defend her employees and she knew that my role was to protect and defend my son.  There was no confusing this, but my determination was evident and as a mother herself…she felt it.

By the end of our time together, she had a list of conversations that would take place.  Some of those conversations would be immediate and would be about my son’s privacy and his right to a free and appropriate education.  Some of those conversations would be educational since there was information that his school didn’t understand. Some of those conversations would be with other administrators and educators, trying to prevent this from happening over and over to children like mine.

Many of the conversations will be ongoing; they are centered on what can be done to change my son’s school experience now and for next year.

I appreciated when she spoke about the need to combine programs and approaches to create something to fit my son.  I understand that he needs a unique and handmade quilt instead of a “one size fits all” blanket from off the shelf.

At this point, I am hopeful.  I am hopeful that there will be follow through and creative problem solving taking place.  I am hopeful that they understand my intent to build a school experience that is appropriate for my son.  I am hopeful that they will accept the “out of the box” thinking that makes him simultaneously brilliant and challenging.

One thing that I know for sure…I will be back for more conversations if nothing happens.

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