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Easterish Photos

I have to admit…I have a love/hate relationship with social media during the holidays. I see those pictures of toddlers wearing coordinated outfits and big smiles and I miss our younger days. I miss the wonder in his eyes as he sees his delivered by the bunny basket.  A sunny photo-op of my boy in an “outfit” … Continue reading

Shift in Thinking

A few weeks ago, I nervously shared my TBP’s experience with a private Minecraft modding class. Although the Internet was slow, the other participants were very new to modding, and the teachers didn’t allow any Minecraft play, we were somehow able to convince him to return. Apparently we weren’t the only ones upset with the … Continue reading

Worthy Opponent

Most of the time, my introverted son is quite happy with his family of three. We have our weekly traditions and our Minecraft marathons. But some days, he wishes for more. I’m sure that my singleton isn’t the first to crave a sibling for chase, playing swords and having Nerf gun fights. I worried that … Continue reading

Dude? School in the Summer?!

For some time now, my son has enjoyed playing video games with internet friends. One particular friend usually comes on-line to play around 3:00 our time which is 6:00 his time. This week, we were surprised to see him online around 1:00 our time. When my son asked how he could be online, I heard … Continue reading

What The Outdoor Season Brings

This weekend has felt like the beginning of the outdoor season. Last night, we enjoyed burgers from the grill. Weeds were pulled and pots tidied up for upcoming vegetables. Tomorrow, we are thinking about having our first s’mores of the year. Today, we got new outdoor chairs after finally admitting that the old ones…well, they’re … Continue reading

The Usually of Homeschooling

Before I was a homeschooling parent, I couldn’t picture it. As a veteran teacher with a MA in Curriculum Development, I wasn’t sure that even I would know how. I realize now that was fear talking. Fear of the “what ifs” and stepping away from the expected. Fear of isolation and fear of power struggles … Continue reading

The Invisible Boys

My boy has four invisible friends that we’ve never met. In fact, he’s never met them either…not in real life. Over time, my TBP has found a group of fellow video gamers that he plays with daily. Sometimes the four of them play together and other days it’s any combination of them. They have learned … Continue reading

Curbing the Impulsivity

In between going to the pumpkin patch and our Friday Family Night Movie, I noticed a question that an obviously frustrated parent was asking on Twitter… When will my son STOP being so IMPULSIVE?? I felt sorry for this parent. I’ve been there. As a veteran teacher, I know that many kids struggle with impulsiveness … Continue reading

Visitation Times

One of the aspects of parenthood that you can’t escape is play dates.  It is part of the gig. I didn’t realize how introverted I was until I became a parent. I think it was just as hard for me to go to a new playground or Mommy and Me gymnastics session, as it was … Continue reading

I’m Bored

There are two words that I currently hate more than most.  I would happily take a handful of crude potty words or even a few of the milder swear words instead of … I’m bored! Ugh! I don’t know if it is the sight of him standing amongst all the Legos, toys, and art supplies as … Continue reading