Worthy Opponent

Most of the time, my introverted son is quite happy with his family of three. We have our weekly traditions and our Minecraft marathons.

But some days, he wishes for more.

I’m sure that my singleton isn’t the first to crave a sibling for chase, playing swords and having Nerf gun fights.

I worried that he would be lonely or bored as a homeschooled singleton. Although he says that he isn’t, I think there’s the occasional time when he is wanting another worthy opponent.

Tonight my son is tired after an afternoon with a new friend. Not exactly a friend, a new sitter.

We haven’t had a sitter in a long time. Actually not since before my mother’s accident on July 26th.

Our favorites are busy or gone for college and it’s hard to find someone we can trust.

Until today.

A work friend has a son who babysits. I trust this colleague and had heard good things about her son from another mom.

I hoped it would go well and suggested a few activities to my TBP before we left. We enjoyed a meal, browsing in a favorite store, and a coffee before heading home.

The report was excellent. Five stars. Swords, chase, Nerf guns and video games. Perfect for my kid.

After this new “friend” left, we heard requests for his return.

“That was so fun! He was about like me and he liked the boy things I like that you don’t always enjoy.”

He spoke the truth. While I do Nerf guns and swords, that’s not the first thing I want to do on a Saturday morning-especially before coffee.

“How many days until he’ll come back?”

I had to explain that I didn’t know. He’s a busy kid with school and a job and other activities.

He was quiet and then told me he really REALLY liked having him over. I asked him what the best part was…

“I finally found a worthy opponent. He actually got my character several times.”

Here’s to new positive, friendly influences for my TBP.

2 thoughts on “Worthy Opponent

  1. That’s so awesome! I think siblings or close friends can be so important (I am *not* saying that only children are deprived, far from it)… but it takes a special combination of personality/interests to hit that quality time mark. 🙂

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