Mole Monday

I ‘m bracing myself for an interesting day. A Mole Monday type of day.

The Monday after Halloween-filled with more sugar than normal and overloaded senses will be an interesting day. Our Halloween weather was terrible with wind and rain, so there was very little trick or treating.

This didn’t feel like the Halloween he expected. I understood and honestly agreed, but he was disappointed there wasn’t a “Second Halloween” a do over called because of rain. This is where flexible thinking would have been welcomed.

In an attempt to avoid the dogs barking at each visiting ghost and ghoul, we put our candy by the front door.  It was clear by the times we refilled the bowl, kids take a bit more than they might when no ones watching. Who can blame them.

We had a family birthday today and turned our clocks back. This too could add to an interesting Monday.

I am already telling myself to be kinder and gentler tomorrow. That’s the beauty of homeschooling really, isn’t it.

In the old days, the neighborhood school days, tomorrow would have equalled disaster.

Half empty you say? Negative? Borrowing trouble?

No, just facts.

We would have battled in the morning. We would have received a call about behavior. We would have been pulled away from work and we would have been stressed, angry, frustrated & worried.

The crying and begging and pleading would have started this afternoon and might very well be still going on.

I know that tomorrow will be a “Mole Monday.” This is a day of slower mornings, more reading, a few more educational videos, and staying close to home.

It’s been crazy busy at our house so, I’ll be okay with a Mole Monday tomorrow I think.

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