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Gratitude and Determination

I know I’m not alone when I share that gratitude’s been on my mind. Tis the season, right? My family has a great deal to be thankful for this year. I looked around at the Thanksgiving table and realized we were blessed to all be there. Just a few short months ago, we weren’t sure we … Continue reading

Mole Monday

I ‘m bracing myself for an interesting day. A Mole Monday type of day. The Monday after Halloween-filled with more sugar than normal and overloaded senses will be an interesting day. Our Halloween weather was terrible with wind and rain, so there was very little trick or treating. This didn’t feel like the Halloween he … Continue reading


Being that this is Teacher Appreciation Week and it concludes with Mother’s Day on Sunday, this should be the mother of all weeks for us homeschooling mamas! It should be but… I don’t have a pedicure scheduled and I’m pretty sure that I won’t be excused of my regular homeschooling mama duties. Honestly, I’m okay … Continue reading

The Big Egg Hunt

Anyone that knows me in real life knows that I love a good tradition. Like many others, most of our traditions seem to be wrapped around holidays. Today I was scrolling through Facebook and saw pictures that brought me back to a tradition from yesteryear. The Egg Hunt at the Zoo. It’s today. Although it … Continue reading

On This Day Last Year

Although it is hard to imagine, it is already New Year’s Eve. As with most people, I spend a great deal of time on this day reflecting about the year that we’ve just experienced. On this same day last year, we were beyond worried about my son. School was no longer working for him and … Continue reading

Welcome Back

A few weeks ago, I decided to go on a blogging vacation. If I’m being honest, I had mixed feelings about my decision. A part of me wondered if I could do it. My blog has always been a place where I would turn to vent or share about the ins and outs of homeschooling … Continue reading

Bring On The Holiday Weekends

The first of many holiday weekends is winding down and I would say that for the most part, it was largely successful. We spent Thanksgiving at Granny and Grampy’s house and after eating, the cousins decorated the grandparents’ tree. The next day was spent decorating our house and tree, which everyone knows means mess and … Continue reading

The Thanksgiving Line

During this first full year of homeschooling, we have experienced many benefits to this change. This week, I know at his school we would have had half days due to conferences, a feast with other classes, an assembly, and a “special” visitor that comes to the PE classes and teaches the students dance moves. I … Continue reading

Announcing My 2014 Word!

You don’t have to look far to realize that today is all about new beginnings. You can see it while watching the tv commercials for Weight Watchers or Jenny Craig.  You can see it in the advertisements for the gym memberships or the exercise equipment.  You also see it while glancing through Facebook and Twitter. … Continue reading

Way Too Much!

The build up!  The count down! I can’t wait!  It is going to be awesome! We knew that we had the perfect surprise gift for him.  We knew that he would love the extra-large monitor for his computer!  We couldn’t wait to see his face! He talked about the Nerf gun fight that we would … Continue reading