Being that this is Teacher Appreciation Week and it concludes with Mother’s Day on Sunday, this should be the mother of all weeks for us homeschooling mamas!

It should be but…

I don’t have a pedicure scheduled and I’m pretty sure that I won’t be excused of my regular homeschooling mama duties.

Honestly, I’m okay with that.

Mother’s Day isn’t really about me. It’s about my mother and my grandmother now.

Also, I’m good with my choices that were made to make homeschooling possible.

Even though I don’t enjoy the harder days, and I’d be lying if I acted like there weren’t any, I love homeschooling my son.

I love that I get to eat lunch with him.

I love that I’m the one that can help him recover after he’s frustrated.

I love that I can encourage the gifts and question his thinking which leads to more questions and learning.

I love the walks, the reading fort, the petting of the dogs, and the time. Time to be with him.

I am the one pushing him just past his comfort and can do that with empathy, patience & love.

Don’t get me wrong, I think Teacher Appreciation and Mother’s Day are worthwhile celebrations. No one works harder than moms and teachers! It takes a teacher mama to know!

I’m okay without the trip to the spa or the box of chocolates. Now if there were housecleaners offered up, I’d take that!

Happy Mother’s Day and Teacher Appreciation week to all those honored😍

2 thoughts on “Honoring

  1. Ha! I didn’t even notice that either holiday was happening until my Mom brought me cards to sign for my grandma (her ex-mother in law) and my step mom. My mom really is that thoughtful a person when it comes to holidays!

    Thanks for reminding me that this is the ultimately holiday week for homeschooling moms. 🙂

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