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That Camaraderie

In the beginning, my son’s interest in video games was just about playing the game. Soon, the creating and the learning morphed into a strong desire to compete. As my son was driven to outdo his previous scores and conquests, his stamina and persistence grew. Gaming is serious to him, like a full-time job that counts on his important … Continue reading

Because I Said So

In my earlier parenting days, I was hard on myself and…I guess, I was hard on my child. It was difficult for me to develop my own parenting style, especially during the harder days. When all else failed, I would fall back on “Because I said so…” This was almost a sure way of escalating … Continue reading

Push It Real Good

I’m sure there are people in my real life and “out there” that question our homeschooling decision. I mean, taking a child out of school mid-year might seem extreme, I get it.  Actually, it was extreme…extremely needed. How are you helping him by avoiding school? How will he socialize with others? How can he develop … Continue reading

Repeat Play Performance

This weekend, my hermit…I mean my son, had a play date with a friend from school.  This was a repeat play date which makes me think that there could be more in his future. This boy is a nice kid from his previous class.  My son and this friend used to eat lunch and play at … Continue reading

Two Hermits

It has been almost three months since my family started homeschooling.  No surprise that making this change has erased some major stresses in our home. No more crying about school. No more negotiating about homework. No more wondering if the day is going to fall apart even before it begins. Trust me, I am extremely … Continue reading

The Chosen One

Homeschooling can be wonderful, challenging, rewarding, and isolating. Being new at it, we have to work to create a balance.  One aspect that requires more effort is maintaining social relationships. For several weeks, we asked about play dates, but my son was not interested in seeing anyone.  I don’t know if he was embarrassed or wondered about … Continue reading

No Regrets!

So now, the plan is out. I have shared the news with my first graders, my students’ parents, and my colleagues that I am reducing my hours in order to focus on my own son’s needs.  It feels as though a giant sloth has been pulled from my broken, tired back!  The journey to this … Continue reading

Valentine’s Day and The Plan

As you know, yesterday was Valentine’s Day.  When I opened the classroom door, I was met with boys and girls bouncing up and down in excitement.  They were wearing smiles and holding heart-shaped boxes of chocolates or bags filled with signed cards for their friends. There was a whole lot of love and friendship overflowing … Continue reading

The Hierarchy of the Prison Yard

My family will be homeschooling after mid-winter vacation.  It might seem surprising that one of the biggest reasons is recess. When my son shares his thoughts about recess, it sounds like survival in a prison yard. My TBP describes in details the well-known hierarchy; the most popular, the most athletic, the most physically intimidating.  He … Continue reading

It’s Here-I Dread it!

I knew this day would come and now I dread it! It is the return to school after the extended winter vacation. Throughout vacation, I tried to think of ways to tackle that first Monday morning get up. We returned to the regular bedtime.  We started reading more and playing less. We talked about school.  He … Continue reading