It’s Here-I Dread it!

I knew this day would come and now I dread it!

It is the return to school after the extended winter vacation.

Throughout vacation, I tried to think of ways to tackle that first Monday morning get up.

We returned to the regular bedtime.  We started reading more and playing less. We talked about school.  He didn’t want to listen.

His worry and dread about school goes beyond the typical complaining.  Sheer panic takes over and he becomes frozen, unable to listen to our suggestions.

He spends a lot of energy trying to convince us how he is sensitive, too sensitive for a big school, with crowded classrooms and a loud lunchroom.  He doesn’t need to convince us, we know.

Partly because of his anxiety and sensory issues, we are already trying to come up with a different plan for next year.  Right now, he seems to hang on only with the reminders that it won’t be long until February vacation.  You have no idea how incredibly thankful I am for that February Break!

I know that there are parents that can’t wait for Monday.  They have reached the end of their rope after 15 days of togetherness. I get it.  I tried to explain to my son that kids are all experiencing different feelings about school.  Their parents are experiencing different feelings too.  Some parents will miss their kids and others will push theirs out the door to get the first quiet cup of coffee in weeks.

I continued to talk about Monday with hopes that it would prepare him.

I tried to remind him that there were times when he was definitely bored over vacation. He didn’t remember those conversations.

I tried to suggest wearing comfortable pants like sweat pants. He didn’t agree and said that those were not appropriate for school.

I tried to prepare him for the possibility that he would be asked to write about his vacation. He decided that he didn’t want to share anything about Christmas, New Years, or anything else that was too personal.

Part of me is praying for a snow day; the other part of me fully realizes that would only delay the inevitable.

Just in case the morning goes worse than expected, we have gathered bribes…I mean incentives.  Hopefully, if all else fails, his love for a new video game could provide some leverage.

So I ask you…Is your family excited for school or dreading the return to your life as you know it?

2 thoughts on “It’s Here-I Dread it!

  1. I have mixed emotions about the return to school for my 2E DS, on one hand I will relish the quiet time and the other hand I will miss this happy, relaxed, learning sponge. Even though he goes to a small school that is suitable for 2E kids he has to use a lot of energy to get through the day at school, and frankly school days are too long for him, a few hours shorter would be perfect. I’ve noticed his stress and anxiety has gone done significantly over the break and I that with all the extra free time he is eager to learn and read(ok books of his choice).

    • Wendi- I totally understand even though it sounds like your situation is better than most. I relate to the shorter day part…a lot. It takes mine so much energy to go to school and try to maintain and tolerate it all. Blessings to you and yours in 2014 🙂

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