Repeat Play Performance

This weekend, my hermit…I mean my son, had a play date with a friend from school.  This was a repeat play date which makes me think that there could be more in his future.

This boy is a nice kid from his previous class.  My son and this friend used to eat lunch and play at recess each day.  Their relationship was the one thing that kept school bearable until even his companionship couldn’t make up for the boredom and sensory overload that consumed the long day.

Initially, I was nervous about contacting this classmate’s mother.  I didn’t know her and I didn’t know how much she knew about my son’s departure.

She was extremely gracious and welcomed the opportunity for the boys to play and continue a relationship outside of school.

Being a bit of a control freak, I want the play times at my house and she seems happy to oblige.

Today’s visit involved video games, a bit of tag, silly string war, sword fighting and a bit of smack talking before they stretched out on the couch and watched a favorite show.

It seems that two hours is the perfect length before mine starts to tire.  At this point, any longer would be a crap shoot and I don’t want to gamble away the possibility of a good thing.

This play date was a success.  The friend left smiling and I could tell that he’ll come back.  Mom was happy for the time and I was happy for the boy interaction.

After mom and friend’s departure, I asked my TBP how he thought it went.  He said that it was fun, but didn’t jump at the offer for me to contact anyone else just yet.

He said he would think about it.

The role of homeschooling mama is a new one for me.  Sometimes, I’m impatient and over zealous when I plan what I want his days to look like.  If I really think about it, he hasn’t been out of school that long and from my understanding, recovering from a traumatic experience at a big school like he did, can take time.  More time than perhaps I realized.

In addition to today’s play date, we were invited to a neighborhood block party during Memorial weekend.  Surprisingly, my son was the first one that said he thought it sounded like fun and asked if we could go.

I think all of this is proof that things are starting to feel right, feel more comfortable.  For that, I am so grateful!


4 thoughts on “Repeat Play Performance

  1. My own TBP needed a solid 3 months of homeschooling before the damage from school had settled down. But her playdates have been so much more successful and she has more patience for friends and more stamina for longer playdates now that she isn’t using all her energy just to survive the school play! I hope this is the beginning of more good stuff to come!

  2. My son had one particularly close friend from his school last year. When we told him he was switching, we promised to make play dates with this child. It has worked out well and at this point he has friends at his new school.
    Anyway, having those play dates was comforting for him and just plain enjoyable as this was one kid who he got and really got him.

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