What The Outdoor Season Brings

This weekend has felt like the beginning of the outdoor season.

Last night, we enjoyed burgers from the grill. Weeds were pulled and pots tidied up for upcoming vegetables. Tomorrow, we are thinking about having our first s’mores of the year.

Today, we got new outdoor chairs after finally admitting that the old ones…well, they’re just too old.

We enjoyed iced drinks as we sat outside and we let the dogs play in the sun a bit longer.

Although we are currently hearing about his dislikes of dirt and insects, my TBP eagerly participated in science outdoors.

Several attempts were made until finally there was great success. So much success that the bottle rocket experiment had to be repeated and he couldn’t help but say out loud, “Awesome!”

The outdoor season is sometimes awkward for an only child. The idea of playing at the park on the equipment is fun, but it’s intimidating to approach an already playing group or even one lone girl.

Today, we were there first and the lone girl who whipped into her park on the bicycle ran over to play. It was obvious that she was very comfortable with those monkey bars.

Mine was caught off guard. I don’t know if it was her ease with playing so close to him or the fact that she was there alone. Free range parents, perhaps?

My TBP came up close to me and whispered about the uneasiness of having this brazen lone girl so close. He took it as disrespect, trying to show off all her monkey bar moves, and had no idea that it was her way of approaching him.

Without getting any encouragement at all, the girl left. Mine was obviously more comfortable and wanted to now restart a previous tag game all over this equipment.

I tried to explain again that the little girl was trying to engage him in play. Perhaps she was an only child too and she was hoping to have a playmate for just a little while.

He wasn’t having it.

I offered to time him as he manipulated his way through the steps and bars and slides. He then wanted to beat his original time. If he wasn’t going to be worn out from playing with the little girl, then I would do it.

Not ten minutes later, the lone girl returned. My son watched and I thought he was possibly considering her as a possible playmate; however, he met her with a wintery look. No amount of convincing changed his mind.

The sun that stuck around later was really nice. The taste of what summer might be was wonderful. We hear that tomorrow is supposed to be even nicer, maybe we’ll attempt that play at the park thing again.


5 thoughts on “What The Outdoor Season Brings

  1. I always think it’s interesting how kids interact – or don’t interact – with each other. When our kids were little, there were no other kids in our neighborhood, so they formed their own “closed system.” It was always a challenge to go to parks or playgrounds. Our three were self-sufficient in their own play together and didn’t know how to react when approached by other kids wanting to play. I’m sure it didn’t help that I’m such an introvert myself…I wasn’t a very good role model!

  2. Reading cues is so hard! The playground is so educational and so difficult.

    Your outside times with chairs and burgers and smores sound lovely!

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