In Many Ways…

In many ways, it doesn’t seem possible that we’ve been homeschooling for over a year now.

In many ways, it feels as though it was just yesterday that we were gritting our teeth, crossing our fingers, praying, whatever we thought would help my TBP have a good day. I know it might sound overly dramatic to some but I know plenty of parents that know that exact feeling that I’m describing.

In many ways, this experience has helped me as a classroom teacher and it’s certainly helped me be more empathetic to advocating parents. It also reaffirms my knowledge that all kids are different, learn different, need different and we need to be okay with that.

In many ways, homeschooling feels incredibly natural. We have time to build on strengths, investigate, make connections and stop for breaks. Today, we took a walk through the neighborhood, stopped at Starbucks, and then went the long way home so that I could take pictures of the gorgeous tree blossoms. We talked about everything and anything and I know that may stop some day but for now, he talks.

In many ways, I miss what should have been given to him through his schooling but I can’t say that I’m sorry for days like today.

In many ways, we are still learning. We  find ourselves still pushing for him to embrace new things and experiences. We are still working to help him develop more independence and more stamina.

In many ways, I still hear the criticism, but I look back and see growth and improvement and ignore the sharp tongues. I look ahead and see good things.

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