Parents are Human…so are Writers

Most of you know that I’m writing a book.

I am thrilled that perhaps this will legitimize my ideas or suggestions for people that know me in a smaller way.

Just a complaining parent

Just a blogger

Just a teacher

Just a homeschooling mother

I hope that the book helps to educate those who have a responsibility to know more, do more, for our atypical students.

The vindictive side of me wants to purchase several copies and send them to my son’s previous school. Just now, as I wrote those words, I imagine myself in a black and white scene, twirling my mustache and cackling near the train tracks. Silly imagination or perhaps just exhaustion.

I am so excited about all that writing a book like this means, but it makes me wonder.

I wonder if other authors write “how to” books and then forget to take their own advice. Does the dietician ever fall off the wagon and gorge on pizza?

I wonder if Deepak Chopra ever gets really pissed off instead of meditating.

I wonder if parenting “experts” ever feel like frauds.

Today was a harder day. It didn’t start out that way but it ended up chaotic and tiring. Thankfully, apologies and forgiveness already began and I expect tomorrow will be better, but it makes it hard to write about the good for others to use or learn from.

I will say that recovery time is shorter now (actually by a lot) even when there are sticking points. Hopefully, that’s because of some of the strategies from the upcoming book.


11 thoughts on “Parents are Human…so are Writers

  1. I think it’s so helpful that you write about both the good and the bad!

    I’ll never forget a blog post I read when my son was a toddler. It was written by a mom who kept this wonderful Waldorf blog and her life seemed to be full of candles and wool and songs and flowers. But in the post I remember she wrote something like, “We all have days when we are not the parent we want to be, when we throw shoes against the wall so we won’t throw them at our kids.” I was stunned and relieved. This model mama throws shoes against the wall!? So maybe the times I lose it are okay. She went on to write about forgiving oneself and moving on. It helped me so much!

    Which is to say, you’re great. So write about it. All of it 🙂

  2. Oh goodness, don’t we all?! (I hope so?) I am always relieved when I read one of my favorite writers confessing that they obsess about word placement and flow… it gives me hope that my own writing can continue to improve. 🙂 Um, the point I’m trying to make is that I have to assume even the best doubt themselves sometimes. I think I read somewhere that self-doubt is a gift, because if you don’t doubt yourself, then you’re just being egotistical.

  3. YES! If it makes you feel better, yes I have thought of anonymously sending copies of my book to my child’s two teachers who made such a tragic negative impact on him. AND Yes, I don’t always take my own advice. I think that part is standard operating procedure for all humans! Can’t wait to read your book ❤️

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