The Spring Unbreak

It is Spring Break in our neck of the woods. Scrolling through Facebook provides evidence of many families traveling. Islands, Oceans, theme parks and woodsy retreats seem to be popular choices.

As a homeschooling family that reduced our income drastically, we are staying put. Although we would love an adventure, we are fine with home base this week. The everyday benefits of homeschooling outweighs the previous luxuries.

We have continued school through Spring Break. In fact, my TBP sees nothing different about this week so there is no added pressure to make these days special or “vacation like.”

We are currently experiencing…

-equivalent fractions and geometry

-vocabulary, parts of speech & spelling

-animation and mods

-The Bible series from the History Channel

-dissolving, absorption, saturated solutions and mixtures

We are reading daily and watching nature shows. You Tube, Khan Academy and Bill Nye videos facilitate interesting conversations and more follow-up questions.

In addition to the obvious learning that happens daily, there are those lessons that don’t fit as neatly in my plan book. Personal responsibility, moving outside of our comfortable zone, cooperation, forgiveness and both mental and physical stamina are all part of our Spring Break staycation.

Today, we are attempting the always fun and educational egg drop experiment. My intention is that he will learn about trial and error, working past frustrations, troubleshooting, communication skills all in addition to physics.

I’m not expecting that my son will remember every family trip that we went on, but I’m hoping he remembers the value, love and respect that went into homeschooling.




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