How Long?

I have an important question… How long?

How long will you tolerate less than acceptable for you child?

How long will you allow excuses and promises that haven’t been delivered?

How long will you ignore situations that eat at you, leaving a bad taste in your mouth?

How long will you go against your better judgment?


I have a meeting on Friday with a District administrator in hopes of improving  my son’s third grade experience.  There is a part of me that dreads this meeting and another side that welcomes the opportunity.  I am gathering resources and talking to experts.  It feels as though I am preparing for battle.

Last week, was a particularly challenging week.  My son was made to feel small and hopeless and invisible.

Once the school found out that I had requested this meeting, the wall was reinforced and built even higher.  Like me, it seems that they are gathering troops.  He seems to pay for their defensiveness with even more focus directed to his struggles.

No one should have to fight this hard during the holiday season, but we have fought for our child in the presence of Christmas trees before.  If I could postpone this sit down until 2014 I would, but I can’t.

It has been long enough!

20 thoughts on “How Long?

  1. You shouldn’t have to go through this at all, having a 2E child is like being stuck between worlds. Actually it’s the kid who is stuck and suffering.

    I’m sure you have tons of info but thought I’d share a few links: New brochure from GHF on 2E

    Click to access Twice-Exceptional-brochure-11-2013.pdf

    And info from a school district that seems to really get 2E.

    Click to access 2einterview_with_rich.pdf

    Hang in there, you’re doing all the right things!

  2. I hate that any of us need to fight for our kids but I will as well. They deserve it… Now kick some butt and get your amazing son what he needs! Sending positive thoughts and peace along with great vibes on making it better!!

  3. I am always so disheartened when I read about the multitude of parents who have to fight just to get the education their child needs and deserves! I was a public school teacher and we were expected to treat parents like customers. Now, it seems teachers and administrators treat parents like they are the enemy! And you are right, our children pay the highest price in these parent vs school battles, but every child is so worth the fight! Good luck! And let us know!

    • Thank you! I believe very good schools and talented teachers still exist. No one wins though when teachers and schools get defensive instead of admitting that they don’t have all the answers.

      My son’s school has a very narrow idea about what gifted means. This makes the conversation difficult to move forward when they still expect an extroverted leader who motivates himself.

  4. I just have one thought. As institutions, most have the tactic of putting all the effort on the person wishing to have the changes. This is basic stone walling…the passive aggressive tactic made to wear down the person with no effort on their own…winning through attrition. If they have a responsibility and have not fulfilled it…all you need is a valid complaint…a list of their responsibilities…those unfulfilled…a timeline showing their lack of action…and poof…they are the ones who must justify their lack of action. Your actions are minimal…their actions must involve research, planning…plenty of effort and coordination. When you make it more expensive in time and money for them to not take care of your son than to merely do so…that is when it effects them enough for them to do the right thing in the first place.

    Know your rights…lay out a positive plan they could enact easily. Make doing the right thing for them…easy…and not doing the right thing…hard. They then can not justify to their superiors of doing anything else. They would, otherwise, have to justify the unjustifiable…which, when it is their butt in the sling…they will find a way to accomplish what they are supposed to do.

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