Where are you Cindy-Lou Who?


Recently, I wrote about a challenging holiday season.  The Tall and The Small was that story. What I shared in that piece is that when you are experiencing real grief and possibly life-altering chaos during the holidays, it is a strange feeling.  It is supposed to be the happiest time of the year.

Supposed to be.

I remember many moments during that challenging Christmas, when I felt like the Grinch.  I remember looking around and thinking to myself…

It came without ribbons!  It came without tags!  It came without packages, boxes or bags!

I was shocked that despite the pain and the struggles, Christmas came.

Today, I sat and watched busy shoppers.  Almost all of them had blank expressions despite their arms and legs moving in a deliberate, fast pace manner that showed they were already late with the cards, the shopping, the buying, the baking, the wrapping, etc.  I carried out my own social experience and looked for just one little ol’ Cindy-Lou Who in the crowd.


I didn’t see the holiday cheer that is supposed to be overflowing during this season.

When you look around, do you feel as though you are in Who-ville?  Is there joy and delight in the holiday spirit no matter what?  Do you more resemble the Grinch watching from your cave up North?  I think there are many feeling green like the Grinch as they fight for that last spot in the parking lot.

I love the idea of Christmas, but only when I stop and breathe and remember the purpose can I truly enjoy it.  We try to avoid the craziness and high sensory stimulus that is typically everywhere.  We have worked to limit the budget-busting shopping.  I would love to simplify it even more and have an experience closer like the citizens of Who-ville.

We are learning to stick to our own neighborhood and enjoy the lights.  Making one kind of cookie instead of attempting four varieties.  Reminding ourselves now that the credit card bill does come in January even though the food, drinks and gifts might be forgotten.

I think we can do it.

I aspire to be more Who-like; however, I really don’t think that I would enjoy the Roast Beast!

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