Time According to My TBP


On December 22nd it started.

It was the first official day of vacation and my son was already worried about his return to school.  We counted the days together and he was satisfied that we would have a long break together.  His demeanor relaxed when he realized that it would be weeks before he must pretend to be anything or anyone else.

It feels so differently to see my TBP comfortable in his own skin, in his own habitat.

Today, the question came again.  He wasn’t as happy with today’s answer because he felt how quickly the previous days had already passed.  I assured him that we still had plenty of time.  We don’t want to waste our time so we are clear with our hopes for each day.

Sharing. Prioritizing. Compromising.

We drink coffee and plan the day as a family.  We do a bit of housework, errands and a lot of playing.  The clock rarely forcing us to stop what we are doing.  We typically don’t live like this and it feels amazing!

He talks about time as the most valuable commodity. In an attempt to prepare him for the upcoming return to reality, I remind him that this isn’t a realistic way for us to live.  We have responsibilities. At this point, he talks about the sadness that he feels at the idea of starting a job and working for years and years at that same job.  He doesn’t want to spend his days doing what he is told by others.  He continues to share his sermon on how it should be and I can’t help but think that he has a point.

“I hope that works for you.” I say with a smile.  He is slightly annoyed by my comment; it must sound patronizing.  I hope that it does work for him.

He playfully begs for a bit more play time together and I can’t resist.  His smile. His big brown eyes. He looks at me and plays with my hair like he used to do.

I melt.

I would rather play with him instead of waiting until I have a clean house, an empty dishwasher, and a completed to do list.

He doesn’t know this, but I took another glance at the calendar and I dread how quickly the time is passing too. Actually, I dread it more.  But I push those thoughts away and promise revenge during the next round of video game attacks!

So now I ask you…How do you spend your time away from work?  How hard is it for you to get back into the regular routine?

4 thoughts on “Time According to My TBP

  1. So very know how he feels! We homeschool, but I am always juggling casual work, homeschooling “must-do’s” and quality time with my kids. And my boy (with tears and hysterics) told me much the same thing as yours did – he didn’t want to grow up and deal with all the “must do’s” because he couldn’t see the point. I had to agree with him for the most part…but the house, the holidays, the clothes all come from somewhere and we are lucky that we have some choices where many don’t. Gotta look on the positive side.

    That being said, it’s off to play another game of Killer Bunnies while I have a bit of time off 🙂 Happy holidays!

    • Ingi-
      They are so smart-maybe they are right!
      My son asked when he could finally not have to listen to others and be bossed around-I told him I didn’t know. I told him when he figured it out to tell me.

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