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Gray Hairs and Memories

While we waited in the car today, I was getting sentimental. “Do you remember when we went to Canada and we stayed in that beautiful hotel and went to the art museum?” “Noooo.” He says this slow and drawn out because as he’s answering me, my TBP is leaning close from the backseat, trying to pull … Continue reading


I don’t know if it’s the same with other families, in other houses, but we’re still in the process of returning to normal. We haven’t completely returned to a full homeschooling day. Instead, we make progress toward more. We still find ourselves feeling the loss of Stella. We expect her in the kitchen and near … Continue reading


It’s been almost a week since my mother’s accident. When we came in from the beach and all those messages came through our phone, everything else stopped. We didn’t know the details, the severity, the whole story of what happened. I think I’m glad about that. We wouldn’t have waited until it was light if … Continue reading

Welcome Back

A few weeks ago, I decided to go on a blogging vacation. If I’m being honest, I had mixed feelings about my decision. A part of me wondered if I could do it. My blog has always been a place where I would turn to vent or share about the ins and outs of homeschooling … Continue reading

Easy Night Away

Right now, it is 2:45 am. My family, including the two pups, are stretched out across the king-sized bed. The boy has arms and legs that seem to go on forever and even the labradoodle is taking up more space than normal. I am awake. The “idea” of a night away seemed like a good … Continue reading

With The Arrival of August

Tomorrow, we turn the page on the calendar again. We say goodbye to July and hello to August. I don’t think that I’m alone in saying that there is a feeling of anxiety that goes with this switch. Things are about to get real, people. All the newspaper and television ads shout that it’s “Back … Continue reading

Vacation with Mine

Today, we returned home from a quick vacation.  For Spring Break, we decided that we would visit a resort that is about an hour away.  This is a favorite location because of the short distance and a place of known successes.  Instead of staying in the lodge, we decided to rent one of the homes. … Continue reading

I Already Miss You, February Break!

So here I sit. It is the last day before school and work and normal life begins again. I really don’t know how I feel about using the word “normal” since things have been such an emotional roller coaster for so long. Here’s what I do know, we had a great vacation where we experienced … Continue reading

Shake it Up!

Forgive me readers, for I have sinned.  It has been one week since my last posting. I didn’t write in the evenings last week, because the days were just too exhausting.  The stress and worry about my TBP and the frustration about not hearing from his school after an important email was beyond tiring.  His … Continue reading

Time According to My TBP

On December 22nd it started. It was the first official day of vacation and my son was already worried about his return to school.  We counted the days together and he was satisfied that we would have a long break together.  His demeanor relaxed when he realized that it would be weeks before he must … Continue reading