Easy Night Away

Right now, it is 2:45 am.

My family, including the two pups, are stretched out across the king-sized bed. The boy has arms and legs that seem to go on forever and even the labradoodle is taking up more space than normal.

I am awake.

The “idea” of a night away seemed like a good one. Stay in one of our favorite hotels downtown, order room service, watch a movie, swim in that pool.

Easy. Relaxing. Fun.

Trying to be easy, we decide to pack only one bag.  We left our house in the afternoon and we return home the next morning, how much could we need?

More than we packed.

Those lounge pants for the evening.

The walking shoes.

The headphones.  Those damn headphones.

When we arrived, we needed help because of the two dog crates that housed our fur children.

I suppose that we could have made up an elaborate story about why we were here, but we admitted that our home was 20 minutes away.

Once the nice cart man was gone, we opened the puppy’s crate.

I don’t know why we hadn’t smelled it previously, but we didn’t; she jumped right on that beautiful bed.

Within seconds the bed was various shades of brown and actually, it was worse than you’re thinking.

The clean up was anything but relaxing.

We tried to get rid of the most offensive “matter” before calling housekeeping. We were so paranoid about the restored white bed that we took eight towels (including hand and face cloths) and the provided robe to make a protective patch-work blanket just in case.

Do you know what takes the “heavenly” out of those heavenly beds?  Terry cloth.

After we were fairly sure that there wasn’t going to be a repeat performance, and most of the smell had dissipated, we ordered room service.

We are fans of room service. Yes, it is overpriced, but it is food prepared by someone else, delivered to you.

We waited the appropriate time and went swimming.

If I’m being honest, I don’t mind being in the water; however, I could do without that whole “before and after” part.

Squeezing in the suit. Clothes over the suit. Freezing as you’re getting used to the temperature.  Pulling yourself out of the water and subsequent wet suit.

It’s an ordeal, but the kid loves it.

After swimming, we did honor our Friday Family Movie Night and watch How To Train Your Dragon 2.  We hadn’t seen it and really enjoyed it.

By the time the movie was over, it was late. It was time to wind down and we were all supposed to be tired and go to sleep.

My TBP has always been content spending the night in a hotel room, family bed style, but for whatever reason, he was very unhappy.

Maybe it was all the chaos about the bed or the fact that he was overtired, but he wanted to leave. Not in the morning, right then.

I’m sure that I am not the only parent to experience mixed feelings in situations like this…frustration, anger, empathy, and did I say panic.

There were a few minutes where I wasn’t sure how it was going to go down. Thankfully, reasoning and his own exhaustion took over.

At 2:30 in the morning, the 15-year-old terrier decided that she could no longer be comfortable in her crate. She slowly emerged and then drank what sounded like a small pond. Not wanting to return to solitary confinement, I put her on the bed.

Here I sit at 4:30am and after writing this (and a few rounds of Candy Crush), I realize that even if I could sleep, there is no place for me to stretch out. So I stay in this chair, hoping to doze.

This night away wasn’t necessarily easy or relaxing, but we overcame obstacles along the way. I think that’s what most families experience on vacations whether they are close or far away from home.







12 thoughts on “Easy Night Away

  1. Sometimes, the idea of getting away sounds better than it actually is. Other times though, it’s the opposite and I guess that’s why we keep trying… I think it’s awesome you hung in there after the dog poop ordeal!!

  2. Wow. Not exactly a relaxing break. Though honestly, this is why we haven’t spent the night away from home for over a year (and though we loved that experience…at a family camp with TONS of volunteers to help us…we just didn’t have it in us to do it again this summer). Hope you got a chance to recover!

  3. I love this post. As I write, we are home over this long weekend. You see, our family of five was supposed to drive 13 hours to CA this weekend to visit family: our last fling of the summer. Somehow, that six and a half days required spending an exhausting week of organizing, shopping, packing and getting the car fixed in two different ways. Just as the last of the luggage was placed in the car, our youngest awoke with a sore throat that refused to go away. Figuring that (a) he was only get worse and (b) we would all be sick by the time we arrived, we cancelled the vacation. Part of me is left with the feeling that it would have been an exhausting trip and part of me feels a bit cheated out of a vacation. Your post is a good reminder of how we aren’t alone.

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