Where We Are Now

As Labor Day quickly approaches, summer feels as though it is already gone.

I return to work (officially) on Tuesday.  I know what back to school feels like, I’ve been a teacher for 20+ years; however, I don’t really know what it feels like to work Fridays and home school the other days.

In addition to teaching both my son and a class of first graders, I am doing more writing than ever before.

I have a few pieces in upcoming anthologies and I am sending out more queries and submissions. I’m writing a manuscript, considering starting a nonfiction “how to” book, trying to keep my site current, and in a few weeks I will be a contributor for Felicity Huffman’s What The Flicka site.

Mama is busy, but that’s okay.

Right now, it appears manageable but I might be a tad bit delusional.

I’m excited with my TBP’s Fall schedule. OT one morning and swimming lessons on another morning.  Homeschooling allows us to schedule these activities early, when lessons are likely to go well and benefit him the most.

Our state map has some pins (to show where we have gone) based on summer traveling, but there will be more because of homeschooling.

We get to read and discuss books that interest him, at his pace.

We get to talk, a lot.

While these conversations are still often about video games, there are new topics that are popping up more and more. Today we were filled with “I wonder” questions as we walked about our neighborhood and made observations.

It seems that by being with my son throughout the day, we have the chance to talk out frustrations and practice problem solving strategies in the moment. We don’t have to wait hours to rehash situations that we weren’t there to see.

We have seen noticeable improvement in his stamina, skills, patience in just the six months of being home.

He seems calmer than before and his curiosity is emerging again. Now, smiles and joking are common everyday occurrences.

Tonight, we feel blessed.



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