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My TBP is just months away from being ten years old. It doesn’t seem possible. I really like this stage that we’re in right now. He’s old enough to have long conversations about his interests and he’s becoming more capable and responsible. So far, maturity has been our friend. This was clearly evident over the weekend. … Continue reading

Roaming School Saturday

As part of our homeschooling experience, we try to use weekend getaways as a way to extend the learning that takes place during the week.  For example, to go with our Washington State unit, we decided to travel East and see how the apples that we tasted earlier in the week (we did a blind taste test) were … Continue reading

Easy Night Away

Right now, it is 2:45 am. My family, including the two pups, are stretched out across the king-sized bed. The boy has arms and legs that seem to go on forever and even the labradoodle is taking up more space than normal. I am awake. The “idea” of a night away seemed like a good … Continue reading

Stick A Pin In It!

As part of our fourth grade homeschooling experience, we are investigating the geography, economy, agriculture and people of our state.  We purchased a large wall map and decided that the best way to learn about our state, was to travel our state. With this in mind, we hopped on a ferry and headed to Bainbridge … Continue reading

Shake it Up!

Forgive me readers, for I have sinned.  It has been one week since my last posting. I didn’t write in the evenings last week, because the days were just too exhausting.  The stress and worry about my TBP and the frustration about not hearing from his school after an important email was beyond tiring.  His … Continue reading

The Familiar Getaway

My parents have a time-shared condominium that we visit three or four times a year.  My family has made the familiar drive up north, for over thirty-five years.  I have taken middle school friends, then high school friends and college roomies for the weekend and now, my own family enjoys this getaway.  The family dogs, … Continue reading

Writing in Whidbey

This Friday and Saturday, my family went to Whidbey Island.  The purpose of the trip was a Writer’s Convention that I was attending. I was nervous and intimidated and didn’t feel as though I belonged with the “real” writers. As we found the registration, I reluctantly walked in by myself and saw all the people. … Continue reading

Series of Mini Celebrations Take 1

Although I am exhausted from returning back to work full-time, our family has experienced a series of exciting mini celebrations.  The first celebration took place last weekend. Our dear friends had purchased a new home and we were excited to see it.   As expected, it was amazing.  The residence overflowed with history and personality.  This was the type of house that had stories … Continue reading

Weekend for a Royal

We often laugh and tease that my son should live as a Royal. He enjoys the softest of sheets covering an oversized King bed.  He is happiest when he is the first one into a freshly made bed and when the duvet has been ironed.  My TBP loves room service more than any child I … Continue reading